Pure Foods Pte Ltd -- We meet your agri-product needs
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Purity guaranteed. Quality assured.

Consumers everywhere are concerned about their personal health and well-being. Food-wise, they invariably demand quality, safety, variety and convenience. At Pure Foods Pte Ltd, we are able to fulfill these expectations and preferences through our broad business linkages and efficient supply chain network. We specialize in the following product lines:

  • sugar
  • rice (white rice, brown rice, Basmati rice, organic rice and broken rice)
  • wheat
  • corn
  • oat
  • barley
  • lentils (black matpe, desi chickpeas, kabuli chickpeas,yellow peas, green peas, butter peas, sultan piya, red kidney beans, bamboo beans, pigeon peas, black-eyed beans, haricot beans, pinto beans, broad beans, lima beans, dun peas and mung beans)

Our products come from two main sources:
developing countries, where small- and medium-sized agricultural production is carried out in tropical, sub-tropical and semi-arid climates; and (2) developed countries, where production is much more industrialized and in larger scale, but seasonal.

By combining both worlds, we are able to offer a diverse range of products that are not dependent on a specific country or affected by seasonal fluctuations. That way, our clients are assured of a stable supply of quality products all year round.

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