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A whole-of-chain approach to quality

With the world becoming a global supermarket and supply chains growing in complexity, it is crucial for Pure Foods Pte Ltd to be able to say unequivocally that our products are safe, hygienic and of the highest quality standard.

To achieve this, each stage in production, processing and distribution must undergo tight quality assurance and audit process. Our team and partners are focused on:
  • thorough product inspection, monitoring and compliance at every stage
  • adherence to stringent food safety standards to eliminate contamination and hazards
  • traceability and tracking of every product at every point
  • transparency and trust throughout the whole supply chain
  • conformance to USFDA and EEC standards on usage of seeds, insecticides and fungicides

This multi-pronged approach to quality assurance and control are crucial in:

  • allowing us to provide accurate on-demand information
  • optimizing our internal and external processes
  • reducing the risks of public product recalls
  • strengthening our brand name and product image
  • caring for our partners and end-consumers

In short, our quality assurance and audit process continues long after the crops have been harvested. We make sure they go from fields to dining tables in any corner of the world fresh, on time, hygienic and risk-free.

We call this our whole-of-chain approach of guaranteeing product purity, quality and on-time delivery.

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