Pure Foods Pte Ltd -- Combining local expertise with global vision
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Local expertise. Global vision.

Making sure that our whole supply chain is committed to providing consumer with pure and high-quality agri-products is Pure Foods' mission. At the same time, we advocate the use of sustainable agricultural practices to protect the quality of land, water and air.

Conservative statistics indicate that our planet must double food production to feed an estimated 9.3 billion people by 2050. That's an increase of 40% of present-day figure. But water and energy supply issues and climate change pose serious problems.

At Pure Foods, we pledge to work with our partners throughout the supply chain to increase production while at the same time conserving resources. We recognize the need to maintain a vibrant rural community in a sustainable and unspoilt environment. So one of our goals is to improve farmers' lives as they are always being squeezed by middlemen and traders.

To reduce supply shortage and volatility, we rely on established relationships with suppliers and traders. We believe that sustainable competitiveness requires a whole-of-chain approach. Through this strategy, we are committed to working with everybody, from production to processing to exporters and logistics experts.

If you are a farmer, producer, trader or a potential business partner who share our commitment and dedication to quality products, please contact us. We are always looking for like-minded companies and suppliers to broaden our network of alliances.

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